Python - Import FBX settings convert_scene_unit and force_front_x_axis not working

In python when I try to import an FBX the force_front_x_axis does not appear to change the up axis for importing cameras.

Also when I try to use convert_scene_unit I get an error message "Failed to find property.

Does anyone happen to know how I can get the up axis changed and the scale adjusted during import?

import unreal

def CameraImport(shot_name, start_frame, end_frame, frame_rate, asset_location, fbx_location, level_sequence, cine_camera_actor):
    print('Python Incoming Variables--------')
    print('Shot Name: ' + shot_name)
    print('Start Frame: ' + str(start_frame))
    print('End Frame: ' + str(end_frame))
    print('Frame Rate: ' + str(frame_rate))
    print('Asset Location: ' + asset_location)
    print('FBX Location: ' + fbx_location)
    print('Level Sequence: ' + str(level_sequence))
    print('Cine Camera Actor:' + str(cine_camera_actor))

    print('Binding Camera Actor and Adding Camera Track to Level Sequence')
    binding = level_sequence.add_possessable(cine_camera_actor)

    print('Adding Cine Camera Componant Track under Camera Track to Level Sequence')

    print('Creating CameraID variable that is a Movie Scene Binding ID?????')
    camera_id = unreal.MovieSceneObjectBindingID()
    print('Setting CameraID editor ID????')
    camera_id.set_editor_property('guid', binding.get_id())
    print('Creating Master Track????')
    camera_cut_track = level_sequence.add_master_track(unreal.MovieSceneCameraCutTrack)
    print('Createing target section for later use????')
    camera_section = camera_cut_track.add_section()
    print('Setting Target section for import????')
    camera_section.set_range(start_frame, end_frame)
    print('Setting main binding for FBX import target?????')

    print('Setting up FBX import Options')
    import_setting = unreal.MovieSceneUserImportFBXSettings()
    import_setting.set_editor_property('create_cameras', False)
    import_setting.set_editor_property('force_front_x_axis', True)
    import_setting.set_editor_property('match_by_name_only', True)
    import_setting.set_editor_property('reduce_keys', False)
    import_setting.set_editor_property('reduce_keys_tolerance', 0.001)
    import_setting.set_editor_property('convert_scene_unit', 10)

    print('Set world/level to import into to current editor world')
    world = unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.get_editor_world()

    print('doign actual FBX Import')
    unreal.SequencerTools.import_fbx(world, level_sequence, [binding], import_setting, fbx_location)