Python IDE, autocomplete

Are there guidelines on how to setup a python IDE with Autocomplete for UE4?
It would avoid a lot of syntax typos and such errors?

I did manage to enable developer mode in 4.21, but where the stub python file would be generated?

I did manage to generate the stub file, enabling developer mode in the project/plugin settings

The question i have now, is that it only expose the Native Types from the API to Auto completion.
I did try this in Pycharm, putting the file in the python stubs folder under my user, like this C:\Users\myuser.PyCharmCE2018.1\system\python_stubs

Could anybody from Epic try to shed some light on this please :slight_smile:

best to post Python questions in the Python forum.


I managed to get some results. I have posted a short how to guide here:

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