Python for extending the editor. Is it going to be supported?

Hi! I was wondering if it would be possible to extend the editor (new windows, custom nodes, etc) with the new python plugin in the future. I’m a bit disappointed with the state of the current plugin right now since it seems that we can only script with functions that are exposed in BP. I think that a full python support like this GitHub - kitelightning/UnrealEnginePython: Embed Python in Unreal Engine 4 would be beneficial for both Epic and UE4 devs. Since right now, the workflow for creating editor plugins in c++ is really awful (hot reload is broken). I think that a full built-in python support would mean more editor plugins in the marketplace.

Yes, more extensibility from Python is definitely something we want to do :slight_smile:

We’re going to start with the more basic things like menu extensions (aiming for 4.21), but will ultimately also allow you create new windows with custom UI driven via Python (in our case we’re likely going to use UMG to define the layout rather than create another Slate wrapper, and we’ll probably have some exposed utilities for creating and working with detail panels).

Internally we already have a couple of plugins in the works that are a mix of C++ (for some low-level hooks) and Python (for the high-level logic).

Thanks for the answer! That sounds really exciting!

Sounds awesome! The editor definitely needs more extensibility.