Python Editor for UE 4.22

**Hi Guys

Beta version 4.22:**

Now that we have a kinda (experimental) official release of a plugin for Python code, I decided to work in something for myself in order to improve my own workflows and pipeline. In my very deeps as a 3d developer I do understand how powerful it can be, since I was using it for a long time inside Maya. I believe that Epic Games is doing well by implementing such a powerful asset and I just wanted to contribute to that a little bit releasing this tool I made.

I have been working in this project for a while and I think is more and less in shape to be share with all you. Hopefully you will find it useful. (Even more, this works for 4.22)


Python rocks! that’s for sure, in unreal engine you can already take full advantage of the pythonic power, but with certain limitations. The current implementation is still at an early state and it can be much better. Especially in the iteration time and the use of external tools to modify your code.

I wanted to have a better iteration process without using external tools. So I decided to make my own code editor that allow me work faster that ever, by creating code, debugging and making tools in a fancy way.

This editor will allow you:

1. Create, rename and delete python scripts
2. Create, rename and delete folders to have everything cool
3. Edit your code (auto complete and help included)
4. Execute your code to debug
**5. Create Shortcuts for your finalized code.


I am not the tutos kind guy. so, I am sorry beforehand for my funky junky spanish-english
without more, lets go for it!**

Known problems and limitations:

Yes, we are not free of bugs or crashes or whatever malfunctioning we can possibly have, so here is a list of known problems:

  1. No scrollbars for the autocomplete box widget
  2. No scrollbars for the help box widget
  3. Enter is not working for the context menus, you have to click OK always
  4. Dragged widget overrides the text for every new drag
  5. PyShelf initial windows size is not according to the design
  6. Single quotes for strings is not highlighting colors
  7. Marshaller works for all the text! make impossible have long files, it should work for visible text instead or multi thread this feature
  8. **Autocomplete does not work for the editing file extensions until you execute for the first time. **
  9. Help does not work for editing file extensions until you execute for the first time

The last two are not problems, they are limitations that I do not have the minimal clue about how to solve


That’s it about the python editor, I am still working to improve some features, but for the moment I am busy with some other stuff (job).

For now you can download the plugin directly from my github account I shared at the beginning of this post for free of course.

Again I hope you can find this development useful for your workflow, because honestly mine is way better now!!!.

Great initiative, very useful!

Some suggestions/improvements requests :slight_smile:
-possibility to load files outside the UE4 project
-styling of comments

Thank you!