Python: Create MovieScenePropertyTrack

Hi fellows devs,
I’m trying to programmatically create an object transform animation, given an object and some coordinates.

Skeletal animations make it easy; you’re given the template MovieSceneSkeletalAnimationParams to set your movie scene section’s editor properties with.

With MovieScenePropertyTrack and, by extension, MovieSceneTransformTrack, it’s a little tricker, since I can’t find anywhere in the docs what editor properties to give it… Pretty crucial.

So, does anyone have any ideas as to what editor properties I would need to set in my MovieSceneSection in order to key frame the transform of an object?

Or maybe keyframes are not stored in a section’s editor properties? The python docs are so sparse at the moment that information is really quite hard to come by, so I’m really directing this question towards any UE4 devs/staff if possible.

All the best,

We’ve included some examples of creating tracks/sections/keys here:


Hi Max,
Thank you for you help. It would be very helpful if Epic had web pages listing what examples are included with the engine (Not the content examples project).