Python - Control scalar parameter with a light?

Is this something that an Unreal python script could do-

I would like to have an in-editor shortcut where I could illuminate an emissive material (via scalar emissive parameter) when I lower the lighting in editor, so it could automatically raise when I lower the lighting. This, as opposed to manually tweaking a light up and down and then respectively increasing decreasing the emissive material to match.
And then next link one material to another so I could simultaneously adjust another material’s scalar emissive with the one already moving with the changing light value.

I just wanted to see if there is something already like this, or if it is even possible.
Because Python doing this is Against All Odds,
But it’s the chance I’ve gotta’ take…

THX! :rolleyes:

Guess you could hook into some PostEdit callback. Creating a custom light actor, that on PostEdit pokes a property of the emissive material.