'python console' problem

i tried to fire up unreal engine 4 4.24.1 and i encountered this message : " plugin ‘UnrealEnginePython’ failed to load because module ‘PythonConsole’ could not be found. please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project ." …

please what should i do now ???..Thank you …

I am having a similar problem.

I was editing the UVs of an imported fbx mesh, having trouble getting the affect I wanted (I’m still new at this), decided to try re-importing but didn’t like the result. I tried to undo and Unreal Engine 24.3 crashed. I went to re-open but it wouldn’t - gives me the same error as chester0 mentioned. See “error1” screen grab.

When I try to open the project file it gives me a compiling error, slightly different, see “error2” and “error3”. I click re-build but before I can even hit ‘show log’ it says it failed and I should rebuild manually. No idea what that entails.

Please help! I was in the middle of a project and now I can’t even get UE to open.

i find the answer. delete this file X:\UNREAL ENGINE\UE\Engine\Plugins\SUPPORT.
this support file is creat by bridge,but i dont know why…


Thanks a lot, I just installed Bridge and lost an entire project due to this issue.