Python at runtime

Hi. Is python planned to expand from editor functionality to runtime functionality at all? Would be very interested in being able to use it at runtime however wouldn’t want to go 3rd party where Epic have already implemented the basis of this in the engine and if it will be likely to make it into runtime functionality some point soon.

Before anyone asks… yes I accept it won’t run as fast as C++ however other languages have other benefits…

Are there any plans here? It would be really useful, particularly as epic have made such an effort documenting the api

No, we have no plans to support Python as a runtime scripting language.

FWIW, the PythonScriptPlugin itself currently depends on several editor-only APIs to do the glue generation (mostly around meta-data in PyGenUtil.cpp), so if nothing else then that data would need to be baked out into a blob somewhere that non-editor builds could use (maybe via UHT).

[USER=“2003”]Jamie Dale[/USER] - thanks for providing clarification there