Python API/tessellation options

The Python API example for tessellation options doesn’t appear to work. The file imports successfully without any errors, but the following settings are ignored. Any ideas?…html#examples

tessellation_options = ds_scene_in_memory.get_options(unreal.DatasmithCommonTessellationOptions)
tessellation_options.options.chord_tolerance = 0.1
tessellation_options.options.max_edge_length = 0
tessellation_options.options.normal_tolerance = 30
tessellation_options.options.stitching_technique = unreal.DatasmithCADStitchingTechnique.STITCHING_SEW

Hello Richard,

I double checked and you are right there is an issue here.
I ll create a ticket and our CAD team will look into it.
I know there has been some refactoring to allow to retessellate without re-importing. That might be a side-effect.

Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for letting me know.

@UE_FlavienP, any update on this issue? The current workflow requires waiting on Datasmith to import while performing its default tessellation before I can run through all of the meshes and retessellate. Which results in a process that is twice as long as it needs to be and especially time consuming for larger assemblies.

I’m also having this same issue. Any update?

John Morrison
3D Programmer - Lead
Saatchi & Saatchi LA


i have the same issue on 4.27 when i using dataprep
work on some file but not all

any update

Hi all, it was fixed for 4.25. I double check python import on solidworks part for 4.25, 4.26 and 4.27P4 and I have no issue.

@dpotuznik cf. the other thread.

Also some CAD files format can store tessellated information instead of parametric data. In that case the tessellation in UE is skipped and the tessellated mesh load as is.