Python API/tessellation options

The Python API example for tessellation options doesn’t appear to work. The file imports successfully without any errors, but the following settings are ignored. Any ideas?…html#examples

tessellation_options = ds_scene_in_memory.get_options(unreal.DatasmithCommonTessellationOptions)
tessellation_options.options.chord_tolerance = 0.1
tessellation_options.options.max_edge_length = 0
tessellation_options.options.normal_tolerance = 30
tessellation_options.options.stitching_technique = unreal.DatasmithCADStitchingTechnique.STITCHING_SEW

Hello Richard,

I double checked and you are right there is an issue here.
I ll create a ticket and our CAD team will look into it.
I know there has been some refactoring to allow to retessellate without re-importing. That might be a side-effect.

Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for letting me know.

@UE_FlavienP, any update on this issue? The current workflow requires waiting on Datasmith to import while performing its default tessellation before I can run through all of the meshes and retessellate. Which results in a process that is twice as long as it needs to be and especially time consuming for larger assemblies.

I’m also having this same issue. Any update?

John Morrison
3D Programmer - Lead
Saatchi & Saatchi LA