Python and Slate Widgets - how does it work

Hey there,

I realized that there are a lot (or maybe all) slate widgets exposed to Python, which is great!!
But… with my lack of knowledge about slate, it is for me not possible to understand how to use it.
From what I understand is the base that you need a panel. On this panel, you can spawn and arrange all kind of widgets easily.
I tried something like this:

widget = unreal.TextBlock()
widget.set_editor_property('text', 'hello world')

foo = unreal.CanvasPanel()

this works without error, but there is nothing showing up.
Is there some documentation about it or does someone know what’s missing?

Thank you in advance for your help and time!

I am aiming for creating my EditorToolbarExtensions directly with python so I do not have to recompile my plugin with every new unrealversion.

We also asked this question on the developer Network. Unfortunately it is not possible to create Unreal Slate widgets with Python, but it is planned for the future (that’s why there are already exposed functions for it).
I am looking forward to the future development of this and we have to go with PySide (or similar) for now.