Python 2.7 - AddWorldRotation?

Is there a way to use AddWorldRotation on a StaticMeshActor in Python?

I’m converting between a coordinate system from a different game to UE4. This is the only solution I’ve found to match the rotation between engines so far:

Let o(x, y, z) be the rotation in the original engine
​​​​​​Let u(x, y, z) be the rotation in UE4

​​​​​​Given o(x, y, z)

u(x) = o(x)
u(z) = o(-y)

Then I need to *add *o(z) rotation on the u(y) axis.

This is identical to setting the x and z rotation values in the transformation window of the UI (under “details”), then selecting the actor in the level, switching to rotate, and rotating the actor about the y axis manually.

This can be done successfully using AddWorldRotation node in blueprints, however I am looking for a solution in Python 2.7 for UE4 so that this can be automated alongside the rest of my code.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Solved - unreal.SceneComponent — Unreal Python 4.27 (Experimental) documentation