PVE Toggle?

Does anyone know how PVE/PVP is handled behind the scenes and more specifically, whether it can be toggled on/off on a per pawn/actor basis.

Also, is it possible to hook into an event that fires for Pawn A when Pawn A damages Pawn B?

just to get an understanding, something like /pvp to turn it on and /pvp (if on) to turn it off. Like in an MMORPG ? (or whatever flag command you want)

Not sure how this is typically implemented in an MMORPG (as your example).

I’m hoping that blueprints can be used to toggle PVE on/off for humans, dino’s, structures etc independently.

That sounds like it’s probably a stretch, but (completely unrelated) being able to hook into damage events is another way for me to achieve my goal so I’m wondering if that is also possible.

The server I run has a plugin for PvE times. I’m sure that this is doable. I think I’ve seen damage events inside of actor blueprints, if that’s what you’re looking for.