PVE server with PVP zone idea

Is there a mod or a way to set up on a PVE server designated PVP zones??

Regards Trell

Not yet… but it’s an awesome idea.

All successful implementations of PvP require zoning… so-called conflict zones… where upon entering you get PvP flagged.

Technically I guess it could be a buff that renews whenever you are in a particular zone type, that makes all damage coming into you “world damage”.

Ye, i love the way this game has loads of different end goals, I would just like to see certain areas on the map that can be PVP so say the volcano if people want to fight it out on there dinos they can or if 2 tribes contact an admin that they want to have a Tribe V Tribe we can put a circle around there bases to let them go for it

The easiest way to implement this would probably by doing PvP rules, then have PvE zones where all players/dinos/structures in those areas are given a buff that makes all damage pointless.

But then you come across the problem of people attacking wild dinos while buffed… and that become a problem. It might just be better to have PvE zones that are smaller and more “trade” centers than giant areas.

As you say, Real, negating damage would imbalance wild vs player with the buff on.

Also, from my experience in MMOs going back… well far to long lol… blanket enabling of PvP usually results in exploits/griefing as players dedicate their lives to finding ways to grief.

A safer way would be to strictly control under what circumstances PvP damage can occur - a so-called “white-list” approach rather than “black-list”.

The code logic could be quite simple: if you are in a particular zone (maybe code it use the zone name, “Such and Such Peak”… or some bool flag)… then apply an invisible buff to players and tamed dinos to bool toggle “world damage” (which seems to work in my tests of admin-only structure destroying pike). Or whatever other toggle the devs implemented.

One thing is for sure… it’s something the devs will need to do… BUT IT WOULD BE INCREDIBLY AWESOME (!!) to be able to flag mountain peaks (crystal/obsidian harvest locations) as PvP zones during certain times of the week. Add to that a “no build” zone flag and it would be perfect.

Devs… you guys listening? Make Ark the best game on the planet!

You just basically stated how I am setting up neutral zones in my TC mod. As for shooting wild dino’s outside of the zone… I’m working on a way to make it recognize if the attack came from within a neutral zone and nullify the damage of the attack. Not 100% sure how that’s going to work yet though, I might just have to deal with it. The good news is once the Dino wanders in to the neutral zone it gains the same protection as players/tame dino’s so extending the zone to a decent range around the “city walls” works as a temp fix.

If you need another server to test it on let me know :slight_smile:

toggling world damage would completely negate the structure settings, armor stats, damagetype settings. Currently it is set so that dino A can only damage a certain sctructure set, but takes increased/decreased damage from outside sources. If you were to enable world damage, then all structures would take damage from everything, and armor would no longer negate/reduce certain damage types.

ok, so is there a way to set zones for that world damage? It must be possible i am being honest when i say i dont have a clue about how all this works but looking at the mods that are out there a PVP zone shouldnt be to hard to script in ( to the right people )

So, I was kind of thinking about an alterantive to this. Character files are server-side so, a two server implementation (Where character files transfer over but structures do not).

PVP server - log in, talk in chat and decide you want to trade something
Log off - the act of logging off synchronizes your char file to the other server (back-end scripting)
PVE Server - Your char logs onto a small Pve World “town” that allows trading and no killing, no dinos, no nodes. Just a safe town to trade at.
Log off - the act of logging off synchronizes your char file to the other server
Log back onto PVP server – trade is complete and you have your “new ****” on your character.

All of this backend scripting/modding depends on one thing – a trading system being implemented. And I don’t have the skillset required to mod this into game. Do we know if this is on the roadmap or if a trading mod has even been developed that could be worked off of?

It depends on what exactly “world damage” means.

I’ve never seen “World Damage” defined in any structure settings or dmg type definitions… so my assumption is that it’s an override that simply causes the configured “melee damage” without any base or extra dmg type modifers. e.g. 60 melee damage = 60 damage. Period.
Mitigation of damage may be an entirely different calculation.

But getting off-topic slightly.

I don’t really care how’s it done… or what buff/script/logic applies… “whatever other toggle the devs implement” is good enough if it gets us the ability to define PvP zones.