Hi all

I need some help with my puzzle.

When I complete the puzzle I would like to trigger the door to open so the player can progress further.

But after completing the puzzle, the door doesn’t open, as I’m not sure how to link the completed puzzle to the door.

You can create a BluePrint for the door and the switch object that has to be turned on/off.

In the switch BluePrint, you should create a variable called “activated” or something like that. Once the user presses E on it, you can change it from false to true, or vice-versa.

In that same block of code, if the switch gets activated, you can use a node like “Get All Actors of Class” and then find your door BluePrint. You can then, with the returned value, do whatever you want with it. You could create a function for the door BluePrint called “Open” and call that once the switch is activated.

Good luck, hope that helps!

EDIT: I see you’ve added pictures now. I didn’t see these before, looks like they were added 3 hours after my post.

I cant see clearly on your picture but first thing I can see in your DoorBP4, you use 2 branch not set by a variable they are set to true by the checkbox so the will always be true. This function will return only your print string because your first branch execute the print string the second branch never gonna be triggered and if it was triggered it will do a reverse and if false it will play your animation. The first branch is useless you just need a condition to play your animation like your Unlocked bool variable. You can upload your picture from the first button on your left the icon is a blue camera (Share Photos) so we can see clearly.


Sorry I uploaded them late.


thanks for your reply.

So would I need to link my door BP to my puzzle BP somehow? - I have also re uploaded my photo of my puzzle BP.

I tried this in my puzzle BP but this doesn’t work.

Can you show me more of your code. All your DoorBP4 and your Endgame-PuzzleBP? I will try to debug this with you.


My door BP4 is in the images above

But here it is again.

I still could really use some help with this issue, as I can’t figure it out