Puzzle to open door


I need to open the door for the player to continue through my level, however I cannot seem to figure out what I need to do for the puzzle to open the door once it is solved.

Here are the screenshots, the yellow colour is what is correct (On) and the red is what incorrect (Off)


I have a door that should be opened after the puzzle is solved. Here is the blueprint.

If anyone has any solutions I could use, please help.

Thank you.

Just to be 100% clear, the puzzle itself works fine, BUT, I’m not sure how I can trigger the door to open once the puzzle is solved.

Please help.

Thank you


Best bet would to bind an event, something like, bind to open door or the like, name it anything.
at the end of tour check call that event, then that event for open door will have a timeline move the door.


So you would make a bind event in the Door blueprint or the puzzle blueprint? and have its strings where?
I still don’t get how this bind node works?

Use the bind node in your door BP to set a bool enabling interaction (you have a branch node after door interaction, but you haven’t connected). Then, you can call your event from the puzzle.

Try creating the event dispatcher in Door BP, but maybe in GameState, PlayerPawn, or any other BP you can easily reference if you can’t call it from Puzzle BP.

Thank you, I’ll try this :slight_smile: