Puzzle Logic System, with a large set of pre-made gameplay objects

Hello, I’ve just released my first asset on the Marketplace! Essentially it’s a framework that allows objects to interact with each other. It came about because every time I start a new project I end up recreating things such as doors, levers, buttons, moving platforms and so on, and I got tired of making them from scratch every time. So I decided to make one generic system that I could port to each new project.

The package comes with 17 pre-made objects covering a wide range of gameplay functionality. My main goal was to provide UE4 beginners with a bunch of game ready objects that are simple to set up, whereas advanced users could expand the system by adding custom objects. The underlying framework can potentially serve as a game’s core object interaction solution.

Marketplace Link
User Guide
Youtube Demo
Playable Demo

  • Blueprint knowledge is NOT required if you intend to only use the 17 pre-made objects.
  • You can easily add new objects or modify existing ones in your project to work within the framework.
  • Two maps are provided, a test level with all the objects set up and a lengthy game demo showcasing all the features.
  • All the Art in the game demo is included and free to use in your own projects.
  • You can change the visual mesh and sound effect of each object to suit your game’s style.
  • The PLS is compatible with any character derived from the “Pawn” class (this should cover almost all projects).
  • The framework does NOT require a first person view. It has been tested with UE4’s default 3rd person character.

Object List:

  • Door
  • Lever
  • Button
  • Pressure Plate
  • Bounce Pad
  • Generic Object Spawner
  • Teleporter
  • Pickup-able Physics Crate
  • Pickup-able Physics Plank
  • TV Screen (medium and large)
  • Moving Platform (medium and large)
  • Light
  • Logic Counter
  • Logic Timer
  • Collision Blocker
  • Generic Trigger
  • Generic Object Destroyer