Puzzle like Horizon Zero Dawn and Watch Dogs 2?

Hello guys!!

Do you know those puzzles that to solve need to rotate a series of “keys” to allow the “flow of energy” to go in the right direction?
Yeah. Anyone have any idea how I can do something similar on the Unreal Engine?

Any help is very welcome!

Thanks a lot!

Hey there, a video reference would be helpful. The overall idea is to have a set of goal rotations for each of the keys, so if you have 3 keys then you specify that key 1 must be at 90º, key 2 at 72º and key 3 at 245º to solve the puzzle. To rotate the keys you’ll use a current/target rotation approach, which means that every tick you are getting the current rotation of the key and interpolating it always into the target rotation, everytime you use the move keys to rotate you set the target rotation to a specific value.

Look, brother, as you asked for: two samples of what a puzzle I’m trying to make it look like.

Yeah it’s like i told you, for the case of Horizon Zero Dawn you have several turning keys which are their own actor. As a player you do a trace to see if it hits a turning key and then if you press an input and it has a valid turning key, you’ll tell it it to rotate. To rotate it’s like i mentioned, every tick you get the current rotation, and interpolate to a target rotation (which is told by the player when you issue a rotate order). Then you need to have a manager actor that has a reference for all the keys and constantly check if each key is in the right place. If it is you disable the keys and do what you need to do after the puzzle has been solved.

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Please can u do it and send screenshot.
Am new and don’t know how to do it please
I need your help

Just google it :slight_smile: Here are some simple youtube examples:

Have watched the video but still don’t understand what u wrote and have try doing something here it is:
Have make a trigger box so when my player enter it then I will be able to to rotate it with a button
But I don’t know how to get the specific rotation so it it rotate to the value give in the blueprint I want it to open door or print a sting

Thanks for replying me i and thank your for video it help a lot

Each key will store per instance its correct rotation (so you can reuse the same blueprint) and then when the player interacts with each key, it will do a current/target interpolation on the rotation. You’ll probably need an actor that serves as a manager that references the 3 keys and checks if they are in the correct rotation to mark the puzzle as complete and maybe lock the keys so they can’t be rotated again, for example.

I know u must be busy but if u have the time please do it in ue4 and send the pic here I don’t understand what your explaining and have zero experience in ue4 please help me do it and send it here thank you for your reply

I have a lot of stuff going on at the moment, so I don’t have availability to do that. You need master the essentials through google and youtube, once you get to that level, you’ll be able to do this puzzle pretty easily by yourself, it just takes time and dedication. If you don’t want to spend that time, then i provide tutoring services where i can walk you through what you need to learn step by step, but that’s up to you.