Puzzle Games, what would you like to see?

I am curious to know what you all would like to see in a puzzle game. When I say puzzle game, I mean like Portal where you have to figure out how to progress to the next step/level. What are some things that you feel are lacking in modern puzzle games? What are some things that you dislike about modern puzzle games?

I miss some nice babes in puzzle games!
I miss them in other games too.
I miss them everywhere.
Perhaps some portals, looking like nice babes?
Or puzzles, where you have to put them the right cloth on(boring), or remove cloth(better).
When you make a mistake the babe will get ugly and marry the player, worst then death.
Or a puzzle game, where you have some sort of binary buddy and she is a really nice babe, really blonde and gives always wrong hints, because she want more time for douglas, instead the player.
Or when you are close to solving a puzzle, she plugs out energy from the keycodemachine, to use the energy port for her hairblower.

The only thing really lacking in modern puzzle games are new ideas.

I just lost it here :smiley:

I think you could say this about modern games overall, not just puzzles :frowning:

But zombies are still fresh!
Alien zombies done
Nazi Zombies done
Medieval Zombies done
But there is still room left for creativity!
A MMORPG with zombies only, fresh players are fresh meat and get infected from old playerbase.
Veggie Zombies!
Invisible silent zombies!
Immortal zombies, without head (you can not kill them, because they have no brain)!
Bicycle Zombies!
Paperboy Zombies!