Puzzle Game (Name undecided)

Hi I’m currently making a puzzle game, everything is sort of going well. Built from scratch using only blueprints.

Currently in the process of getting a scoring system built and going through some major refinements.

This is the level blueprints, working on a way of creating a base actor class for each of the blocks.

This is the game view WIP so please be kind, yes the “Super” Blocks are a bit to common, currently working on a slightly better “random” method as they currently just work off a random number generator based on 8 blocks.

This is the blueprint for the 2x2 block, which is what you control like Tetris. It never dies but mearly moves back to spawn location and spawns new blocks when stopped, I can provide close ups of each comment box if people would like.

Again feedback would be great, suggestions on improvements, I’ll try to post a video when I’ve sorted out a way of capturing it.