Puzzle game for kids mobile

How can I make a game like this for mobile

The idea is:
The user presses the correct picture or object to get points
It’s like a puzzle game with click the answer to get points and advance

Point me to tutorials please


Looks like a Flash … eerm sorry " Adobe Animate " game to me.

If I did not have to do the artwork I could Punch this out in a couple days with just Action script. Ue4 for something like this is like installing a ford big block V8 to a kids bike.

Unity " Shh I know its a bad word " Would be better if your trying to do a game like this but with better graphics for a phone or tablet game.

With all my thoughts out of they way there.

you can do this with Paper 2d in ue4.

I found some templates but not able to add my sounds and pics

How can I assign Audio file to each card that says the name of the animal in the memory game example https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Resources/SampleGames/CardGame