Putting together a small team (5) for current project. (lots of info inside)

Greetings fellow Game Enthusiasts,

Who am I?
My name is Travis, Founder of BlackHeart Studios an Indie Development studio designed to learn and explore the aspects of game development. I have prior history with Unity3D and moved onto Unreal Engine as my new platform for development. I have 1 Programmer, due to his real job will not be available for this project.

**What can i do? **
I am a Terrain/Level Designer coming from years of Unity3D Development. Also, i have been a project manager for several small indie projects for fun and experience. I have studied Game Design and participated in several projects as a sit-in observer (Student Learner) in an XNA studio. (few other small studios as well)

What I am here for?

Currently i am building a small team to work on a project based off the Shooter Game example. This project will modify the game and its components to suit the needs of the desired result of the final project.

I would like to acquire the skills of 5 individuals in the following categories

2 Programmers (c++ or blueprint experience) (prefer both)1 for UI and 1 for Gameplay

1 Modeler (asset designer) I use mixamo to create and rig characters. I have no limit to the number of characters we can use. (They will need equipment, objects to interact with, etc)

1 Animator (Simple animations First and Third Person) Animator will be focused on the first and third person animations for weapons and interactions with objects. Also to animate small interactive objects.

1 Web Developer (sole responsibility is to design the website for the project)Web Design and maintenance, Community Development, and other Web type things.

The Project! “Thin Grey Line”

As i am a Disabled Marine Veteran, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge in regards to combat, survival, and (lots of video games).

This project seeks to combine these three things into a First/Third Person Shooter/Survival/Game. The player versus everybody else, or to cooperate and survive whilst making the game your own. Our Theme for this game will be set on an Island (almost complete) off the Coast of who knows where. (Behind Enemy Lines) The island will be limited to its inhabitants (the not so friendly kind) Other players will be those of your team (separated in a plane crash) Rogue Agents (others seeking the wealth of the island) Other foreign Militants (you get the idea).

I chose to create this project out of passion for games of similar Genre (Battlefield, Call of Duty, ARMA) and the Survival Genre.

If you wish to learn more about this project and its future you can contact me…

Discord (preferred) Discord

This is a tiled landscape created from a Heightmap that i had sliced and modified in photoshop. This was not created in World Engine. 3x3 @ 2017px Approx. 24km of Playable Terrain. The major part of the terrains were completed using LAM, Trees and addition foliage will be added as Procedural Foliage Volumes for Level Streaming.

Screenshot 2016-07-16 22.03.58.png

Some of the many combinations of Characters that will be found or played as.

Is that Adobe Fuse character creation kit? Thought I saw clothing similar to that…?


You are absolutely correct! These were quickly made using Mixamo’s Fuse and not Adobes 1.4 version of fuse. it is very very east to create rig and clothe models in Fuse. The ability to completely modify the models is a bonus as well. the content creation kit allows us to use the base model as a template for creating clothing and optional items for the base model. This reduces the development cost and time attempting to create characters, models, and others from scratch.

I currently do not possess the skills of a modeler or animator so I take it upon myself to fill in the gaps as easily as possible. My focus is the production of the levels and environment.

I do not have the skills either…which I why I know it. <grins> I’ve also started to play around with Autodesks equivalent… Interesting…


Ive got friends in pretty much every category, all of which are working on separate projects, So im a loner temporarily until the end of august. Until then i will have very nice testing ground to learn with while they finish up. Or if somebody else wants to get in on it. Either way its gonna get finished. “Motivation is 100% job completion”