Putting the legacy forums offline

It’s very sad that the UDK/Old legacy Unreal forums are closing down and put offline, redirecting visitors here.

While posting questions is still possible in the current (newer) forums, it’s still not a very great decision given that the old forums and the documentation are the go-to places for info & answers, why would people spend time asking questions that mostly don’t get answered here because not a lot of people use legacy Unreal anymore when they can just go to the old forum and probably find 20 different answers with the same case or similar.

It would have been better if the old answers were moved here to the Legacy category instead of just wiping out years worth of information.


I agree and personally have observed a major decline in topics in the UE4 forums so there is no reason to drag the rest with this . Why not just give one of us the archived forum so that we can host it elsewhere (different name even if you wish) OR so that we can create a app that will have the forum on our desctop as a offline search library ?

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Just send a message to 2 staff members with this proposal. Hopefully they will agree to give us a rar version of the forums and we can make it to a desktop app or similar .

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Very disappointed to see this. There is years worth of information that is very valuable to those of us still working on active UDK projects.

Hopefully they can release a read-only copy of the content. Or some way to preserve this content for us. @Amanda.Schade

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Ive send a few private messages to few staff members, Including Tim Sweeney

Hopefully he will read my message and will have a soft spot for the topic and move things around ! Fingers crossed .
Everyone , feel free to send (if you want) a message to staff also. Doesn’t hurt to try as eventually they will probably delete the old forums info for good and that wont help anyone .

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I have sent them a message as well. I doubt they will listen nor care, but we have nothing left anymore so we may as well try.

Epic has destroyed practically all of their legacy at this point…

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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In the mean time, all we have left is Wayback Machine snapshots and a couple pages in google cached view. I really hope someone has a comeplete mirror of the site somewhere just like the UDK Documentation

So i literally (others too) send a number of emails and private messages to Epic. Looks like they either give us the silent treatment OR don’t even bother to read their mail. For example i look in the forums > my sent private messages to Epic Staff> Views count and I can CLEARLY see that no one is even reading their private messages . The clicks there are from me.
If Epic is trying to become a ''model ‘’ company like Unity … than they are headed the right path in my opinion . You guys were so communicative in the past with everyone (or at least better than the rest in this business) and now what ?