Putting players into tribes on spawn.

Hey guys,
I was wondering if there is a way of forcing players into Tribes on spawn/connecting, but I don’t really know how. I found a few helpful nodes, but have problems understanding how the “MakeTribeData” node should work. Most of the outputs should be inputs I think. I really don’t know how that node should work otherwise… Besides my setup is there another way of doing it? I was starting on a TC but that requires factions or sides and not so much the player choice of joining a tribe he want’s to be in. Would be a shame if I have to drop the whole idea.

Here is an image that shows the outputs that should be inputs of the node I was talking about.

If there is no way of doing this right now, pls handle this as an DevKit feature request. If there is such thing. :smiley:

I’m trying to figure this out too but I know it’s possible. Can anyone help?

hey Kenturrac if you’re on IRC tonight (I’m rarp) we can try and figure it out :slight_smile: I need this for my game mode as well, and I’m 99% sure it’s possible

Will be there. Still hoping for a comment by StudioWildcard. :smiley:

Yay, little breakthrough!
I can add people to a Tribe now. But first a player has to create a Tribe. I still don’t know how to do it. I also still don’t think it is possible. The MakeTribeData node is obviously broken. Someone added outputs instead of inputs. Anyway, I dont think I will get an official answer before Monday so I have to work with what I have.

Hello Kentur, was about to try the same but would like to know if you manged to make any updates on this yourself? :slight_smile:

Haven’t checked since the update came out. Before it was not possible to create a tribe withing blueprints. Putting people in a tribe is something you can do in the gamestate. But the tribe needs to exist already. Found a nice way to handle it in my TC.

out of curiousity how do you edit the gamestate? when i look at the gamestate it says ShooterGameState but it doenst seem to come up with a result when searched.

First you should merge all the SOTF files into your Ark files. You can find a tutorial on that somewhere on this forum. From there on you can start modifiying the SOTF gamestate, but I would recommend creating a child class blueprint of the “custom game state” (I think that is the name) and from there on you are free to go.

BTW: even without the SOTF files there should be more than one gamestate if you search for it in the content browser. Just search for “state”.