Putting Paint Foliage in Composure Layer

Hi there,

Was wondering if anyone knew of a way to include an area of paint foliage in a layer for composure? Paint foliage does not constitute an object in the world outliner apparently so, for my application, there is no way, I can see, to include it in a layer for a foreground element.

I’m trying to incorporate video elements into unreal and want my actors to look as if they are walking in a wheat field (thus why I need some of the wheat foliage in the foreground). I have found a workaround that does not involve composure elements but it doesn’t provide the same ease for rendering out specific layers after the fact.

I understand there might be some difficulties doing this from a engine perspective as foliage is designed to be pretty light on system resources. I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing something obvious.

Any chance anyone found a solution to this? I’m in the same boat trying to figure out how to put foliage into layers so that I can use composure to output foreground plates and background plates for greenscreen virtual production. I’m also unable to figure out how to separate foliage in order to put different sections into layers. Thanks so much for any updates or help on this!!

If you’re rendering out and doing post compositing you can use stencil layers.

If you’re going live with composure you can assign multiple CG elements as foreground.

Thank you!!! Yeah will give those a go!

Ok I went through the Stencil Layer tutorial. I’ve also gone through the adding CG elements to a CG layer in Composure. There is still no way that I can find to add foliage to a layer. For whatever reason foliage can’t be added to a layer in order to render out. Much less divide the foliage into separate pieces so that there is some in the foreground and some in the background. My current workaround is awful: I’m just placing actual foliage actors into the foreground. Placing them one by one then adding them to a layer and live outputing them through composure. However, if I need to do a lot of foliage I think I’ll be out of luck because it’d be impossible to hand place thousands of foliage pieces.

Maybe if anyone has any ideas of other ways or what we could do to get foliage into a layer so that it can be output via composure and broken up into separate pieces that would would be terrific!!! Thanks so much!!

I’m looking for a solution to this conundrum too! Is there maybe a way to at least convert existing foliage actors to static meshes and then add them to a layer?