Putting in a custom character

Hello forums!

I was wondering how I put a character into UE4. I’ve got my hands into 3ds max and been looking for a few tutorials about using rigs for movement and so on. But how do I use it together with UE4? I create an animation inside 3ds max and import? Or how does it work?

Just create a character - rigg it - create animations. Now import it - create a animbp (just copy the stuff from the existing one into your own) - create a blendspace (also take a look at the existing blendspace) - now add it to the character blueprint - finished :slight_smile:

When I have solved the problem with the blender to ue4 export I will record a tutorial about that topic :slight_smile:

Thank you, going to check it out! :slight_smile:

When you use blender, then the hardest part is the import process, otherwise it should be pretty simple :smiley:

I am using 3ds max :smiley: