Putting / copying Variables in Categories buggs them

I never had issues with variables being ignored / not accepted / read wrong.
But sometimes when using categories (moving variables into them, copying them in there etc…) they tend to bug / not update / read wrong.

My last example: Using a finterp node to rotate something on the Z Axis.
Using a float value (1) as input for the InterpSpeed. = rotation was instant, means the input value was ignored or read as 0.
Double checked the default value of my float, clearly set to 1.
Removed the input, set it manually to 1. Works.
Added my input value again, changed the default values back and forth. Still instant rotation, so the input was still ignored or read as 0.

Only after several changes and compiles and honestly a lot of random clicks, unreal eventually read / updated the input value correct.

Are you aware of this? Is there some known workaround for so I get it to work immediately?


Never experienced it and I categorise and nest both functions & vars a lot. This, of course, does not mean it’s not happening. Just reporting.

Any chance you could reproduce it consistently? Is there a pattern? Is this for UE4/5?

Edit: Added the version tag.
So Unreal 4.27, but I know I had it in two earlier versions as well. Very rarely though, but when its happening its very confusing because your code is right, variables are right and still its not working.

I could not reproduce it. Im going to be a bit more conscious about it so maybe next time I know exactly why/what

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