Putting clothing on a character

I added a character mesh then added a skeletal mesh on it, I set the parent socket to the chest and the cloth follows the movement of the character’s chest perfectly. I can add simple tops and bottoms this way just fine and they follow the animation of the character. However, the arms don’t work very well as you can see in the picture:

How can I make the arms of the cloth follow the arms of the character? There is no way to attach the arm bones to a separate socket of the character.

Also, in a similar question, if the top and bottom are separate pieces of clothing I can work with them just fine by attaching them to their appropriate sockets. But, if it’s a full body outfit then that won’t work as I need to attach it to one and can’t attach it to both up and down socket.

maybe try adding some weight to the cloth?
search google for how to do so

I figured it out! Following this youtube video on the subject:

I used the second method that is shown in the video, using Set Master Pose Component because the first method wasn’t working for me. The reason was, the skeleton for my clothing was missing bones that weren’t on the cloth. A top item didn’t have leg bones for example so the other method wasn’t working.
You can check the video at 14:30 where he asks if it’s possible to use a partial skeleton and from my test you CAN use a partial skeleton with the Set Master Pose Component.

I want to thank you about showing your method, this is the only video on youtube that actually helped me with clothes issues! I used the second method too. Works fine on 4.21.1

Did not help me who can afford the software so really that video is not how to at clothes in ue4 its how to add clothes in other software then migrate to ue4 very miss leading video