Putting all materials/texture of a scene in a particular folder

I have 2 scenes sharing alot of common materials and textures.
I want to keep things clean, and I was wondering if there is a way to duplicate all materials and textures of each scene and put them in a seperate folder?

When you try and move folders / assets from one part of the content browser to another, the system will ask ‘copy or move?’ and you can say copy.

I will point out, however, you might need to let go of the ‘neatness’ concept fairly soon.

I moved all my sound effects into one folder hierarchy. Once you have a project of any sort of size, the amount of time taken to do this is approximately the same as the age of the universe. It’s not worth doing…

I understand but we’repacking a art project for the marketplace.
We have a day and a night scene and we want to keep thing organized.
Is it at least possible to select all materials used in one particular scene?

You can move them around, for sure, but it will probably take a long time.

I see, but how can I select all materials present in one scene?

How about the “advanced copy” option what does this exactly do?

By scene, I’m assuming you mean level? I think you might get most mileage by making a new project and migrating maps to that project. When you migrate a map, it will take everything necessary with it, including materials.

thanks, will try that