Put Unreal Tournament movements to a basic FPS character

Hello everybody,

I just looked at the new Unreal Tournament and some gameplay mechanics would be good for my FPS character, but I can’t take the characteristic of a Unreal Tournament character for MY character (specially the “Wall Slide” category, to control Slide Gravity Scaling, Min Wall Slide Speed & Max Slide Fall Z).

Is there any method to have a “Unreal Tournament character” template and import it in a FPS shooter project ? If not, how can I get the “Wall slide” category for my character? I NEED this.

I’m a beginner at UE4 so please be cool with me.

Thanks in advance, Daivy

You could export the animations but then there’s the grey area of using UT3 assets without a UT3 license in a program that isn’t UT3.

Thanks for your answer. I don’t want the animations, just the characteristics of the UT characters.

Check out this series from my Buddy over at UnrealDevs!

(Watch the whole series)

It should point you in the right direction :wink:

Love. Now. It Repeats. Bawgawk.

Thanks you for you answer. I already follow that videos. I can manage double jump and charged jump. Unfortunately, all the things explained in the others videos don’t work for me, and I tried a lot to make it work (especially for wall-running, the wallrunbox can’t detect surfaces). Sorry :frowning: