Put the main tab back in the window?

How do I fix this?


It looks like you’ve managed to un-dock the level editor tab from the main frame tab-well…

You used to be able to just drag the tab back into the window you see in the background, but I’ve tried it, and it seems that it no longer works.

What you should be able to do instead is go to “Window -> Reset Layout…”. This will force the layout back to its default, and should put the level editor tab back into the main frame.

I’m going to raise a bug internally to see about preventing this happening again in the future (it crops up fairly often).


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About ten minutes before seeing this response, I managed to fix it a different way that doesn’t require restarting the editor.

When I work with the editor I have everything either fullscreen in the main window (dragging tabs into the main window) or main on main monitor and a tab ripped out and put on my second monitor.

I opened a blueprint that I had edited in the main window before, and that’s where it opened, allowing me to return the level editor tab back to the main window. I’ve reproduced this multiple times now and it seems to work quite reliably.

Thanks for the reset solution, I’m sure I’ll end up needing that someday. Obviously having window problems I should have checked the Window menu…

Yeah, that also works, but it requires you to know what is going to open in the main tab well. I managed to do the same thing with the widget reflector :slight_smile:

Hopefully i found this thread. Thanks for both ask and reply. You saved me a lot of time ^^

Our current intention for 4.5 is that you won’t be able to undock the main tab. This prevents the issue from occurring.

That’s why I like forum support! :slight_smile:

That’s a fair option, though I have on occasion had several tabs in the main window, and then pulled the main tab out to a second monitor because it was easier than pulling out the six or seven tabs I wanted to remain on the main monitor.

Not a big deal if I lose that functionality, just letting you know there are reasons someone might actually want to do that.