Put the HUD on an object or mesh

Hi there! I’m creating a weapon which have it’s own HUD (The bullets the player owns for example) and I want to make it visible in the weapon, something like Dead space, where you can see how many bullets you have in a panel in the weapon.
I created a blueprint with all this but I only know how to put it in a canvas to see it in the UI In-game.
How can I put it in a weapon with an small panel as the example of dead space?
Thanks you a lot.

You could create a Text Actor and place it on your Weapon Blueprint/Player Blueprint, update the count as you fire and be done.
Or you could create a 3d Widget ( Creating 3D Widgets | Unreal Engine Documentation ) and place it on Weapon, create the logic to talk to your UI Widget, update the count as you fire and be done.

You’d likely have more options in a Widget then a text actor, like if you want a picture of a bullet next to the count you can make that in the widget no problem…but with the text actor you’d likely need to either texture that on the weapon or create a decal…

UE4 will let you have plenty of options luckily so more just what ever floats your boat the most you should go with…