Put map together

I am currently working on a map, and i am just wondering that can you seperate a map into serval small piece to work with and combine them after you are done.

any one has an answer

it really depends on what you mean. you could easily use level streaming to control geographical areas or for placing certain types of assets. for example you could use level streaming to hold all the buildings for the level then have another level for the small assets.

So I am working with another person and used perforce as our source control and we need to check out levels in order to edit. So I want to creat many levels and each of us work on one and then assemble them after, can I do that using level streaming?

do you have an answer?

really dude you dont reply for 3 weeks then expect a immediate reply. its a community page and a weekend, people do have lives.

anyways yes you can layout areas as separate levels then combine them later via the functionality built into the editor. there is one caveat to this method though, if you do intend to combine the levels into a singular level then you will need to redo anything you create in the level bp. the basic idea is that you load all the levels you create as sublevels of a main persistent level then migrate the assets in the sub level to the main via the move to level options. or you could just leave them as sub levels which provides more options for increasing performance if you wanted, like unloading a section of the map (a sublevel) so it doesnt need to be rendered.

watch the linked videos below which should get you started in learning about level streaming and some of the options out there.


I’m so sorry for the late reply, thank you so much for the answer!