Put everything to be the same name still ended up with failed in IOS Mobile Deployment & Packaging

Hi all, I have tested so many times in IOS packaging but still ended up with failed even thought I’ve followed the resolved cases in the forum and put everything as the same name as shown. In Unreal IOS Configuration Wizard, it always turned up Yellow no matter how I’ve change it. Mobile Provision & Certificate in Unreal Project Setting>IOS always not show Green!

Here is what I’ve followed and applied the steps on a new scene:

  1. Put in the same email in Generate Certificate Request as my Apple developer registered email.
  2. Put in the same name with “arkittest418” in Project Name, Common Name, Mobile Provision, Bundle Display Name, Bundle Name and Bundle identifier. App ID & Bundle ID to be the same website I’ve registered in my Apple developer registered website too end with “arkittest418”.

These are the error messages turned up :

  1. a yellow check means a valid provision was found, but the Bundle identifier does not match your project. Please modify the identifier in the Unreal Editor IOS Project Settings.
  2. Remote compiling requires a server name. Please specify one in the Remote Server Name settings field.
  3. IPP WARNING: Failed to find a valid matching mobile provision, will attempt to use the embedded mobile provision instead if present
  4. LogPlayLevel: ERROR: Command failed (Result:-532462766): D:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.18\UE_4.18\Engine\Binaries\DotNET\IOS\DeploymentServer.exe Install -ipa “C:\Users\highe\Desktop\arkittest418\Binaries\IOS\arkittest418.ipa” -device All_iOS_On_HIGHENDIMAGE -additionalcommandline "-SessionId=AB0DDFF144B9C6088E7812BE8C0828B4 -SessionOwner=“HighendImage” -
    SessionName=“Launch On Device” ". See logfile for details: ‘DeploymentServer-2018.12.13-17.29.10.txt’

Please help!

After a few restart and wait until the next day, the Mobile Provision surprisingly turned back to normal in Unreal Setting but both Mobile Provision & Certificate are still not in Green light and the Mobile Provision in Unreal IOS Configuration Wizard still remained as Yellow!

Anyone can help to make all of them turn to green?