Put ads in mobile game

Dear All,
I plan to make a free mobile game that has ads on it.
I have seen some posts about it, but I’m also curious if there is a free way to do so? I make this game alone mainly for fun using free and/or open source software and it has literally no budget, however I figured why not raise a copper or two by accident along the way.
So yet again - a free way to put ads on my game?
Thanks in advance.

I’m no expert but you can already do so in Unreal Engine? The ‘Show Ad Banner’ node is “supposed” to show Admob Banner ads. Unfortunately, I myself am unable to have banner ads appear in my tests. It only appeared once while testing on my Asus Zenfone 2 so I’m also seeking help. But it appeared once so why never again is my actual problem. Basically, you just need to have that node in your blueprint’s event, and set up Admob as well. If you don’t have Admob then you are in for a bumpy ride. Just google it and give yourself at least a day to have it set up as you also need to set up UE and keep testing.

One more thing: Google now requires all games to have Achievements and THAT I can’t help you with as I’m also trying to figure that out since 2 months ago. I can’t find proper step-by-step tutorials and not even briefly mentioning about what I needed to do as a start. Good luck~

Just go and create an AdMob account, then setup a banner ad. Copy the ad’s ID, paste that into UE4 (Project Settings -> Android) where it has the ad settings. In-game, call ‘Show Banner Ad’. This will only work on a mobile device.

Thank you both for the replies.
I’d like to ask now - How much for an AdMob account to create?

More info about AdMob banners in UE4 you can find in official documentation:

Creating an AdMob account is free.

That’s great news! Thank you for your helps, lads/lasses.
One more thing - I do not plan to rely solely on Google Play - one the game is done. I will upload my game to other sites like Does this AdMob work there as well?

AdMob actually does not rely on Google Play at all AFAIK (I use to use it with Flash Apps on Android). The ads will only be displayed if it is detected that they are on the correct platform, so I’m not sure about

Thanks for the help. I will check it out, when I get there.