Pushing own particle system on to the GPU


I have a particle system that can spawn at runtime particles which move around then die after some time. I use them for an implementation of waves simulator, based on this paper.

Right now I presume they are being ran in C++, on the CPU. What steps should I take to make them run on the GPU? Or where can I find some documentation of how to run code on the GPU?


Id say if you have to presume what language you used and where that code runs you will not have the proper knowledge to do anything on gpu side at all.

But if you just want to run “something” on the gpu a compute shader will do.

There’s a thread somewhere on this board about using a shader to access compute, and uses standard shader datasets to get data on and off the GPU.

IMO just use Niagara, it’s exactly what you’re looking for plus it can do way more once you get your basic wave sim working.