Pushin and pulling a rope like skeletal mesh using physics and spline

Hello all,

I’ve been trying to create a rope system that would allow me to put the same instance of a BP in a scene, juste change the spline and the length of the rope, and animate both ends of the rope using attached movable objects linked to it.

But I failed at figuring out how to actually “drag” the rope itself. My skeletal mesh is a basic chain with a simple skin imported from 3Ds max. I set all bones to Simulated, and first I tried, in the BP, to attach a static mesh to one of the end’s socket, naively thinking that animating that static mesh would drag on the socket, that would drag all the other bones with it…but the rope doesn’t care (although when I move the rope, the static mesh attached to its socket does, which is pretty normal).

Then I tried the inverse: attaching the rope to another skeletal mesh (a simple rock with a bone), referencing the last bone of the rope into the rock’s properties. Results were pretty nasty.

I ended up for the day by just animating the rope, making it follow a spline, but I’d like to be able to just have 2 objects attached to each end of the rope, and for the rope to react and be dragged around when animated any both ends. (kinda what you can do when dragging the bones around in the physics asset simulation with ctrl+right click, but more precise and on a spline)

If anyone had insights about this, it’s be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: