Push to Live, dont want binaries to upload yet


Push to Live, dont want binaries to upload yet when pushing to live as still testing and updating. It shows as blue and that it would go to live, is this the case or not?


Hey there @tmcraig08,

As long as your release date is set to either unknown or estimated the product will not be purchasable. Pushing to live will allow players to view and wishlist your product.

Thanks for that, also is here the only place to reach out? as its becoming a tedious process.

I added an image to the carousel thats it, now the review is failing as its saying the website is down, one why is the whole lot being reviewed which had already passed and 100% is working its used by hundreds of people a day.


These forums are best location to ask general questions as more of our staff from different areas within the Epic Team are available to answer questions. If you have any specific questions needing to be addressed in private however, you can reach out here.