Push spring arm up instead of close to pawn when theres very little room

I’d like to solve a very annoying thing with my pawn (chaos vehicle) that happens quite often - when backed up against a wall or something bigger gets close to the cars rear end the camera is forced to get so close to the car, that there’s nothing else showing but its rear end on screen. This looks very bad and annoying. My idea is to push the spring arm upwards instead of cutting its length to nearly zero when there’s no room behind the car for the spring arm + camera to fit in nicely.

I know about probe size, but that also doesn’t really solve my problem, for some unexplainable reason when i increase the probe size my fps drops from 70 to around 35, but its not a solution either way, it would probably make it a hair less annoying but wont solve the issue.

I also set the collision of a lot of smaller/medium objects to physics only so the camera won’t jump too often in and out - still its very annoying when it gets up close to large objects that have to have full collision.

How should I tackle this problem, any ideas?

Hey, I’m wondering if you ever solved this?

I have the exact same issue with my player character… the camera is behind and slightly above their head, so when a player jumps in a room with a short ceiling, the camera pulls inward, all the way up into the mesh. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t just push down and retain it’s spring arm length. I’ve looked and looked… aside from creating my own spring arm class, I don’t see a solution to this.