Push Player up stairs with Static mesh? (escalator)

I’m trying to use a sequence to move a static mesh from the front and under stairs to the top of a stair case and then them and then go back to the original spot.

The animation works how it is supposed to but the static mesh is not pushing my player up the stairs properly, maybe 1/10 times does it actually move the player up a few steps

do any of you have any tips of how I could make this work? The collision of the static mesh is block all so it should push the player I think.

I’m trying to recreate the movement of an escalator by pushing the player up the stairs.



If anyone is looking for the answer to this question.
here are the steps I used to make the escalator

  1. created my escalator shape
  2. made the stairs non colidable
  3. made a ramp that blocks all collision and the character can work on and place it where you want the escalator steps to be
  4. made the ramp invisible
  5. made a conveyor belt volume with this tutorial https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Videos/PLZlv_N0_O1gYeJX3xX44yzOb7_kTS7FPM/aqRUe7pm4Ok/
  6. made the conveyor belt volume height of the whole escalator and put it in the area of the stairs of the escalator

that basically pushes the player up the ramp like its going up an escalator

I got help from the Unreal reddit boards.