Push Epic Games so we can re-locate install folders in the Launcher!

I use the Ark Devkit for almost a year now. Some issue brought me to a point where I wanted to verify the Devkit via the Epic Games Launcher. In this time however, the launcher forgot the install path of the Devkit! Good job, poor dummy. So what to do? Re-download??? Seriously, it’s 235GB - that I already have waiting on my drive! I know the so called “workaround” where you rename the ARKEditor folder, start the download in the Launcher, stop it, rename it back, yada yada yada… Well, if you don’t have another 100% of the Devkit’s folder size (again: 235GB!) on this drive there is no way Epic Launcher lets you “install” that thing! What do they except? That we all have 1TB SSDs lying around?

Ubisoft left us with the same issue for months when they started uPlay. Every game had to be always downloaded, no way to re-locate your games folder. Nowthey have it, it works like a charm and everybody is happy - with the logic at least, of what a “Launcher” is supposed to be doing.

I don’t care about downloading a 60GB game again but I DO care about a 235GB install containing my own files that I worked hard on over a long period of time! Right now the Epic Launcher seems to be determined to ruin my work. With all of Epic’s predatory behaviour in the last year in terms of exclusiveness of their Launcher maybe they should at least try and make it a decent one!

t’s funny how basically every Games Launcher lacks this feature in the beginning of their life. But they all got it in the end.

If you are using Windows or Linux, you should be able to make a symlink to the install path.

I had the same problem, so i just copy and pasted the ark dev kit folder over to my SSD and then used that as the main install, then created a shortcut to it on my desktop, i also had to recook each mod because i did’nt make sure i copied the Mod.db file which is the file that tells the dev kit which mod on steam its updating (i think???). i am new to this and only been using the dev kit for about 1 - 2 years. and because of that i also had to go on to steam and get the mod id numbers for each of my mods and paste them back into the Mod.db file. i know this sounds like a lot of messing around but it was alot quicker to do than wait for the whole thing to download again as my internet is really slow and that would of taken about a week to download.