Push box do not fall from ledge

soo i follow a tutorial on internet about push and pull box pretty simple stuff and work fine but i realize my box do not fall from ledges and i try search in forums or comments about that and do not find a answer can someone help ?

i think must be a pretty simple solution

the tutorial was this :

In the tutorial, he set it up so that the box can only move horizontally. If you want it to fall, you need to:

  1. At 2:09, set “Z Movement” to “Free” so that it can move on the Z axis. You’ll probably also want to set the angular limits to free, as well.
  2. At 6:01, do not disable simulation; always keep the box simulating. You can set “simulate physics” in the box’s properties to have it always simulating by default.
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Thank you for the clarifications. Those could help me with my project.

thanks i will try when i get home.

so i try to change "z movement " and i was getting strange behaviors from the cube so i decide to make a new custom cube for me instead of movement i change the valor of mass in Kg and work way better and put 3 colision box to trigger the mass and the animation.
the only thing was if i drop the cube and he turn his sides if i climb on top of the cube i trigger the animation as well so i made a “in range float” who compares the Z vector from my actor and the cube before he trigger the animations and change his mass.

i will leave this comment here if someone want to make like i did

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