Purposely using Null reference, thoughts?

Another question in the wind I predict, but here goes.

To edit my levels, I’ve exposed one of my array in which I can turn on and off parts of my level by setting the value between 1-0. When I set it to 0, it creates holes in some of my other arrays, in which I purposely Set Array Element to None in order to keep the structure of my Array index. Example - ArrayX has 0 to 10 elements listed as such Actor1, Actor2, Actor3,… If I set my exposed array to something like 1, 1 , 0 , 1 Then ArrayX becomes Actor1, Actor2, None, Actor3,…

In the later example, the editor returns with Accessed None for each instance of these None parts that I’ve added.
Which makes sense, obviously.

What I’m wondering is, aside from the warning, can this create performance issues?

Because, aside from the warnings, the game is doing what I want and acting as expected. The Gameplay functions without any seeming lag. And I’ve been play testing on various devices without any issues. Ultimately, I’m not sure how else I would achieve what I am doing differently (I guess I could create an empty actor to be referenced as None?). So, aside from the warning, should I worry about anything?

I will accept any sort of insight towards this. Maybe others are wondering about this also. Thanks.

Just put an isValid check while using the array, during foreach loops and such, and you won’t have the accessed none error printed/saved to your logs. You should be fine aside from that. I’m not an expert so maybe someone will have better insight.