Purpose of the UE4Game module?


I’m just curiously looking though the source code. I see that the UE4Game ‘Target’ includes the UE4Game module (good naming guys :wink: ). Is that just so that some stuff from the module manager gets defined and called (all of the debug setting stuff).

Also the Launch module doesn’t get included which is the entry point of the Engine. Is that just because that is going to be compiled anyway and just be called on program start? Or is there something in UBT that hooks into the Launch module?


Is it just to get the boilerplate new and delete operators as well as the engine dir stuff? I’m happy to write a source code and full c++ guide if I can get a small amount of help from these small questions.

This is probably game module implementation boilerplate for games without native code. In other words it’s the module that is compiled into game executable when you package blueprint-only project.

And as you’ve noted it doesn’t do much. Just overriding memory management operators and a little bit more of executable setup. Sorry writing from mobile, couldn’t find way to edit post