Purpleprint Kit for Unreal Engine 4 & Urho3D

Hi, i like share with you a resource package, i have created this month.
Is a free kit/package under CC-BY 3.0 license.

Purpleprint Kit is a package with editor, reference, shapes textures & materials for test, prototype and core materials to use in the editor.

  • Include 3D models.
  • Will include demo scenes like light scenes and an example with textures to view the uses.

Github Releases

Overall Content:

  • More than 300 textures (Include uncompressed files).
  • More than 320 * 2 materials (For Unreal Engine 4 & Urho3D).
  • More than 40 basic 3D models in FBX & OBJ (Include Blender source files).
  • 3D reference models.
  • Patterns to create your custom textures.
  • Reference textures.
  • Entity textures.
  • Collisions, Triggers, Volumes textures…
  • Colors & basic materials setup in shaders.
  • Textures with color palettes to check the scene light & post process.
  • Chroma colors.
  • Shapes, letters & numbers textures.
  • Example maps.
  • Projects for Urho3D & Unreal Engine 4.

…and more, read the Github readme for more information.






This sure comes in handy, thank you for this

Thanks you for comment !
Happy development :slight_smile:

Sorry to ask a fairly stupid question, but I do you uses this stuff for?

Is in the description:
Is a supply kit with materials, textures, 3d models, 2d models & example content/levels to test things with the engine/game, desing levels, learn to use the engines and more.
This is for:

  1. Compare the scenes & light between Unreal Engine 4 & Urho3D.
  2. Use the textures or the materials to define the objects/models/entities if you don’t have other materials. (And replace after).
  3. Have a basic list of 3D geometry primitives to develop (Test ideas, use in pawns, use in the map, use as characters or test things of the engine).
  4. Basic grid materials to create maps UV to preview all (The map structure).
  5. Color palettes to check the colors of the scenes.
  6. Shapes of numbers & letters to create text in materials.
  7. Geometry shapes included glow shapes to create FX or effects in materials.
  8. Shapes of numbers, letters, geometry, geometry glow in materials to check faces of models… or locations.
  9. Location materials to check the HUD at the creation time or to place in the maps.
  10. Triggers, Volumes, Collisions to use in the editor to difference the different types of collisions, volumes… (You need wait to the version 4.8 of UE4 because now you cannot place materials in the shapes, but you can make a custom version with blueprints).
  11. To programmers to check animations in the map, cameras, code…
  12. Everything else you can think of…

Cool thanks. Stuff like this pops up on the forums now and again and I always like what thing do manly because I have no idea what I am doing and it looks helpful, but I have no idea what am looking at.

very nice indeed! I love the basic shapes which are perfect to prototype and fast development.

Thanks a lot!

Version 1.0.1 released !
Happy development.

Thx :slight_smile: as soon I get to work I can do something :smiley:

Wow, i’ve just seen this. This is awesome. I’d like to see more meshes! :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks you!

Sorry but i don’t have time for this at this moment because i don’t have work and i’m making my game ( i need eat each day :wink: )
and for example from this i don’t get a single donation…