PurePolygons - What would you guys like to see next?

Hey everyone,

Jacob - PurePolygons here,
So I have a few packs in mind that I want to work on coming up here soon. So I thought I would give you guys a few options to choose from, I’m not really taking suggestions at this time, just because I have these 4 options in mind with some parts already finished and they will be the fastest to complete. Unless there is one that seems to be overwhelmingly requested besides the ideas that i am offering right now. Just to narrow things down quicker though and make the choice easier, here are some of the coming packs that I want to/will be working on next.

All images courtesy of Google Image Search. These images do not represent final concepts or ideas of the packs in question. They are only for the purpose of visualizing the ideas and packs that I am intending to create

Middle Eastern Village Pack
A Middle Eastern Village with all of the landscape materials, interesting middle eastern houses created in a modular way, and a few props to go along with it.

Modular Sci-Fi Pack
A Sci-fi pack like nothing on the marketplace, that is very unique and beautiful beyond your wildest dreams!

Modular Building Set Vol.2
Another building set with many of the features of the previous building set, but with different style buildings, different modular pieces, and all new textures and materials.


Procedural Nature Pack Vol.2
Different types of trees from the previous pack. Additional Features, new foliage and more procedural goodness.

Please let me know your thoughts and feedback for what you guys would be interested in purchasing from me between these 4 choices! You can comment on what else you might want to see, but please also try to pick one of these 4 as well. Since I already have some ideas and things started for these packs. Thank you!

  • Jacob