PurePolygons - Industrial Prop Set [SUBMITTED]

This set is made for anyone working on video games.
I don’t know about you, but I feel that shipping containers, barrels, and tarps are a must have in every game! Your game simply feels naked without them.


— 25 Static Meshes —
7 Low Poly closed shipping containers
1 Left Shipping container door(fully modular)
1 Right shipping container door(fully modular)
3 Middle Piece shipping containers that can be arranged to create long or short shipping containers in many variations.
9 Different Tarps (with swappable materials)
1 low poly barrel (Color can be hand selected in the engine)
1 low poly barrel cap (Color can be hand selected in the engine)
1 low poly barrel open barrel (Color can be hand selected in the engine)
1 Trash Bin

— 20 Materials —
3 Tarp Materials
6 Shipping container materials (easily change the color on the fly)
4 Barrel Materials (also pick your own color in the engine)
6 Decals to place different Company logos onto the sides of the shipping containers
1 Trash Bin material

Looks incredible, awesome works!

Do you mind to tell us what is the estimated price point for this great asset pack?

Thanks Rogzlu!
At the moment, I’m thinking that I will make the pack $35. Glad you like the work :slight_smile:

As a previous student and instructor of an Art Institute, it amazes me that there people who graduated from an AI and are able to produce things like this. I’ll buy it.

(Also, if anyone is thinking about going to AI, please don’t.)

looks really well done

Looks incredible , really good texturing

Thanks a lot everyone! I’m glad you all like it, that’s definitely the hope.

@Allar - I as well would not recommend the Art Institute to anyone else. I had to learn most of what I know outside of school. It’s really too bad

Great quality, looks really solid!

Stellar work and on our must buy list. Anything else in the works?

Thanks zeOrb!

@FrankieV - Thanks for the compliments! I have two other prop packs in the works and one organic pack :slight_smile:

Very nice work.

Thanks CharlestonS, your pack looks very good as well!

Hey everyone,
This is up on the trello voting boards now! So please vote for it if you want to see the pack make it into the Marketplace quickly :slight_smile:

Hey guys!
My pack got accepted and should be up in the release next week! Here are the latest screenshots and video

Nice! Your screenshots are looking very good.

Oil in the oil drum, nice touch usually it’s capped off and not detailed.

Thanks guys! Glad you like it :slight_smile:

X.E.R.T. - Yeah i figured everyone has made barrels before, but no one made open ones with oil :slight_smile:
The oil is actually a separate asset too that you can place at any height/level or the barrel or just leave it out entirely and have an empty barrel.

I like this!

It’s been released everyone! For anyone interested in purchasing the pack it has officially joined the Marketplace. Thanks everyone for the support and for voting on it. I hope you all enjoy it! Please let me know if you have any questions