Pure Empire Online

Pure empire online.png

Pure empire online will be a free to play game with inapp purchases
It will have the concept of a moba game
it will be 2D Isometric, tactical strategy, real time management, making it hard for the player to put down their phone because enemies can send in troops to destroy towns, farms, crops units, citizens of the opposing player’s empire. Unlike dominations! the player has 20 minutes to destroy towns, buildings, farms, cities, and yes if they plan wisely enough they can rule a simulated universe.

I’ll be in charge of the 2d art
we need 6 programmers including me(myself(falconsoft))
6 sound technicians
4 music technicians for 1 theme of music for every age and location
we need some campaigns for new comers to the game
some pvp

I also need lots of ideas so give me a message if you have a list of ideas 2 minimum no limit to the maximum
it will have the concept of hay day mixed with tower defense at the farm and in the cities and countries and planets and galaxies.

each player gets a daily login bonus
and we get a lot of money from in app purchases I get the publishing fee to apple, windows, android, steam, ios, you and I and all the rest of the team get the in app purchases.
Say we get 100 players from one city in the 1st ten minutes, and they use all their resources in the next 25 minutes and buy 30 more for $4 we then have obtained $400.

Now imagine what we could do in a week say 10000, more players are active and run out of resources they rush to buy 100 for $8, we then have $80,000 if we keep this up logically and provide content and I provide a website for forums so players can submit ideas and chat we get more content which means(more, players) and what does, more players mean?
Exactly more money, we will be rich if we all pitch in to make this idea a reality.

This seems like a 2D game you have in mind, and you have outrageous expectations on the amount of sound engineers you’ll need and my god “Music Technician?” Have you never heard of the word SFX Artist and Music Artist? You only need one musician and one SFX artist, about 5 or more artist, and 1 AI programmer, 1 or 2 Network/Server programmers, 1 Environment Programmer, 1 UI Programmer, 1 Character Programmer, 1 Level designer, and etc.

What I especially find insulting is this: I also need lots of ideas so give me a message if you have a list of ideas 2 minimum no limit to the maximum.

You literally just said you want the community of UE to make up the game for you because you have a lack of finding a writer or the proper experience to know how to make good game. You also have very very high expectations on getting 10k users playing your game simultaneously in a week. Not to mention you will owe a cut to Unreal quarterly through the year. Plus do you even know how much a typical good website cost because you don’t need 80,000 a week to hire about two or so people for with a website network programmer who can set it up for far less.

Again, you don’t have a plan, make a proper GDD or a more presentable and promising plan because you are over anticipating your success and it will not happen out of thin air.

Awh, c’mon now. Don’t be so harsh. So what if he doesn’t know the proper term for a composer; or even the reasonable team proportions. And he’s just saying that he’s open to ideas/feedback. And perhaps he wants to wait on a team before drafting a plan- that’ll allow everyone to help brainstorm. Nah, if we’re going to be harsh we could always bring up the fact that he once wanted $24 an hour to be an intern and build his 3d modeling portfolio.

Thanks for the kind words, also my art skills have drastically increased over the months and years. Now just because I am unable to showcase my work does not mean I am a bad artist sure throw in 2 or 3 extra artist to the project and one for SFX, I am sure we can make a great game and team.
Now I don’t mean to be offensive, but was this whole

thing about, was that meant to be constructive critism or negative critism?

Look up sarcasm or something because you are dense to what’s being said.

So your art skills have improved over the months and years? Please lend me your time machine because 4 months ago you posted art and it was pretty bad. You were trying to get people to pay you 24/hr to learn blender and they wanted a sample. They even showed you good models. You eventually posted some starfish blob cube thing. It wasn’t even textured. That was earlier this year so as I said please lend me your time machine as there hasn’t been a years worth of time for you to improve.

I will have you know I have been doing practice on art skills way back before I ever joined these forums and began using unreal engine. Not only that but I sketched up a sprite that looked exactly like sonic the hedgehog from sonic 3 except mine was a beaver with a tail and teeth. :slight_smile: also no offense was meant to be made with all the “I will have you know” stuff.