Pure C++ "Hello World"


Is there somewhere an example of how to do it? Maybe someone from the forum act in this way?
I mean a simple Hello World example with UE4 without using the editor. Just VS13.
Initializing engine, loading mesh/image, rendering it and exit.
I know that source code and documentation is available, but it’s hard to catch in the beginning of what, where, when and with what works :wink:

I would appreciate for any info about it.

There is, literally, an Hello World program using the framework in the source code at \Engine\Source\Programs\BlankProgram, which could get you started, but Id think to add back the needed modules for rendering and use them you will go through some labour.

Going to start learn with the Editor, in my opinion, will be easier.

Thanks! I found it. Indeed, it is very minimalist hello world :smiley:

Of course, I agree with that.
But reading, tracing and trying to analyze the code of such a fantastic thing like this engine is really exciting for me (I know, it sounds weird ;))

I can’t seem to find /Engine/Source/Programs/BlankProgram in 4.7.3.

Take a look at Github :slight_smile: