I was looking at some of the assets on the marketplace, I was checking out the Photogrametry forest it supports version 4.21 but the latest unreal version is 4.21.2 does that asset support 4.21.2?

All that matter is the major version (4) and the release (21), the 3rd number which is the hotfix number (2) won’t affect you.

I been experiencing issues when i go and make a purchase use the paypal selection at the check-out, i get a message paypal has refused your payment, and i did check it out with paypal, everything checks out on their side all the other things i purchased on Ebay works out Okay, i think their is a problem with the check-out on UE4 marketplace, would you be kind enough to put a report into Epic regarding a faulty marketplace check-out thank

You need to contact the marketplace support directly by e-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

They might need additional information from you to try figure how this transaction is failing among millions of other users.