Purchases freezes editor


I bought the prototype characters and the prototype weapons in the marketplace. However, when i try to open any of the models or the showcase the unreal editor just freezes and i have to kill the app. Anyone have an idea ?

I’m on unreal engine 4.7.2 and os x 10.10.2.

Try opening the editor from the terminal to see what is it actually doing, just in case it’s not freezing, but rather converting some textures, compiling shaders or something like that on the first load. Depending on how fast your Mac is, for some assets it may take quite a bit of time.

To do this, open Terminal app and type:

cd /Users/Shared/UnrealEngine/4.7/Engine/Binaries/Mac/UE4Editor.app/Contents/MacOS/

./UE4Editor "[uproject path]"

where [uproject path] is a path to your game’s .uproject file, so for example:

./UE4Editor "/Users/aarrgghh/Documents/Unreal Projects/MyProject/MyProject.uproject"